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Finding the Right Machinery Movers in Southern California

February 16, 2023
Heavy Equipment Moved by a Forklift

Anyone who works with heavy equipment knows that transporting it is not always the most straightforward task. That’s why finding reliable machinery movers in Southern California is vital to ensuring your merchandise arrives safely at its destination. Attempting to move it on your own can result in a wide variety of unpredictable consequences, from damage to the equipment itself to injury of yourself or others. The best thing for everyone is to leave the heavy lifting to experienced professionals. 

Leave the Heavy Lifting to Experts

If your industry uses heavy machinery, transportation to a new location can prove to be rather tricky. When your business is moving its base of operations, you’ll need a company with the expertise required to handle your gear with care. Because of the risk involved with loading and unloading these large pieces of equipment, it is highly recommended that you do not attempt to move anything yourself.

Rather than put yourself in harm’s way, allow a team of professionals, like the staff at Halbert Brothers Inc., to handle your oversized loads. No matter the height, weight, width, or length, a company with the right permits is better equipped to provide you with machinery mover services that ensure your merchandise arrives at its destination safely.

Maintaining Safety When Around Heavy Equipment

Workplace safety is everyone’s responsibility, and all accidents are avoidable. Both business owners and employees need to make safety their number one priority. On worksites, heavy equipment accidents can cause severe injuries and fatalities.

Many hands indeed make light work, so using machinery movers in southern California is a great way to help keep accidents from happening on site. Another way is to implement best practice safety protocols.

The Largest Safety Factors

Fully Train Machinery Operators – Make sure the operator is trained to use the specific machine that he or she is assigned. Never allow uncertified or untrained workers to use vehicles or equipment.

Inspect All Machinery – Conduct inspections at least once every day before use. Machinery movers may be needed to shift and move heavy equipment to be inspected and cleaned properly.

Protective Gear – Personal protective equipment (PPE) is designed to protect employees from a variety of hazards. All employees on-site should be required to wear PPE, including safety goggles, and non-slip footwear to minimize slip and fall accidents.

Identifying Potential Hazards – Everyone on site should be on a continual lookout for workplace hazards. All flagged items should then be addressed promptly. Some standard protocols, such as increasing lighting and cleaning the floors often to remove spills and debris, are excellent ways to avoid unnecessary hazards and accidents.

It may be strategic and cost-efficient to hire machinery movers to assist your team with reorganizing heavy equipment and shifting machinery to make plant floor cleaning easier.

Protecting Heavy Equipment While in Storage

When it’s time for you to keep your machines idle, hiring a heavy machinery moving company in Los Angeles to help you properly store your equipment will prevent damage, costly repairs, and future project delays. When your machines are needed again, they will be in full working order and operational at a moment’s notice. Below are a few tips you can follow to preserve the condition of your equipment and extend its lifespan:

Implement Lock-out/Tag-out Protocols – Even equipment that is turned off can be dangerous. Lock-out/tag-out practices are an essential step in workplace safety.

Cleaning – Cleaning your equipment can prevent damage.

Space Equipment Properly and Make It Accessible – Using a heavy machinery moving company to help you move machinery around will make it easy for the engine to be turned on at least once a year and for maintenance or checks.

Check Fuel Levels

Lubricate Moving Parts – Consult your owner’s manual and lubricate all moving parts before storing your equipment.

Perform Maintenance and Repair Damage – This prevents you from having to make costly repairs when the machine is recommissioned.

Paint Over Chipped Areas – This will prevent rust.

Install Security Cameras At Your Storage Site – Cameras and limiting direct exposure to the elements will reduce rust, damage, and theft of equipment.

Shipping Heavy Machinery Requires Specialized Moving Equipment

Companies that provide heavy machinery moving equipment services maintain a fleet of specialized trailer configurations to move a vast range of industrial machines. This is especially vital when considering the demands required to successfully transport heavy machine parts over long distances without incurring damage. Proper weight distribution and surface access can only be achieved by maintaining a flexible variety of specialized trailers such as:

  • Low-Bed Trailers
  • Dropped-Center Trailers
  • Multi-Axle Trailers
  • Beaver Tail Trailers
  • Custom Hydraulic Trailers
  • Custom Hydraulic Trailers

You can rely on the service provided by established companies like Halbert Brothers Inc. to have the right trailer to move your equipment safely and efficiently. Whether your machinery is excessively heavy or incredibly fragile, turning to a trusted and vetted service will provide the right results for your relocation.

Heavy Machinery Moving Requires Special Equipment, Knowledge, and Planning

Special training on the use of heavy machinery moving equipment and a choice of many flexible configurations of trailer platforms are the winning combination for efficient moves. You will enjoy both when you choose a proven company like Halbert Brothers Inc. It is important to work with a company that appreciates the fact that while your equipment is on the move, it is not producing. Understanding how timely delivery affects your bottom line should always be considered and respected during your move to reduce critical downtime. Most importantly, you need a service provider that stands behind you from start to finish.


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